We are two women who met through our love of photography.

We each sprang from artistic families and have had cameras in our hands since we were little. Those cameras helped us to see the world a little differently.

We share a deep passion for creating. It was when a woman we photographed said to us through happy tears, “Thank you for making me feel beautiful” that the In Her Image seed was planted. The idea of helping someone feel beautiful felt like an unexpected superpower! Suddenly, our photography passion felt like more than just the thing we turned to for joy; it felt like a transformational tool we could use to do good out in the world. 

Speaking of seeds . . . Almost a decade ago, we began a fun project photographing local women in the gardening and agricultural realm. We gathered herbalists, organic farmers, apple juice makers, cookbook authors, and nursery owners. We wanted to tell the story of women growing. Through that project, we connected with women who, in turn, told OUR story and shared our work with their communities. Our business began to bloom. Even though the Green Goddess Project was never officially completed (because we didn't want it to end), we now see how it became an essential seed in growing our business of helping women to blossom. 

We hail from very different places: Heidi from Melbourne, Australia and Tara from Oakland, California. Once you experience a session with us, you won't be surprised to learn that Heidi has an extensive theater background, allowing her to give fun and easy direction to our clients. Tara spent many years doing media education, teaching young people to be aware of how women are portrayed in images. It's not a coincidence - this thing we do. 

When we are not photographing Goddesses, Heidi is playing in the garden or baking yummy vegan treats. Tara is active in the rabbit rescue community and can often be found on the floor snuggling with our four beloved bunnies. We live in beautiful rural Petaluma, where we are surrounded by nature and a menagerie of wildlife. We are inspired by our environment and all the curiosity it brings. 

We are passionate about empowering women through positive imagery and voicing the message that ALL women are beautiful. We believe that work should be fulfilling on all levels, and are grateful every day that we have the opportunity to manifest that for ourselves.

We thrive on creating a world where women elevate and celebrate each other, and truly believe that all women can create a life they love.

We also believe that kindness and compassion can change the world.

In Her Image Photography is not only our business; it's our mission.

We are Heidi and Tara, and we can’t wait to meet you.