Tuesday, November 01, 2016
By In Her Image Photography
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We are sitting here in tears. The kind of tears that flow easily and from a place of gratitude.


It's a monumental theme in our lives most every day, but it's days like this that the word takes on an even greater depth.

What's with all the tears, you ask?

We just received this email. This beautiful, powerful, heartfelt email from a beloved client. And with it, a poem.

And it honestly struck us so deep in our heart's core that we needed to write about it. Share it.

So . . . 

It's days like this that remind us that we all struggle. Every single day we struggle with, and away, from what society deems as beautiful & worthy.

And that whole cliched saying "the struggle is real" is painfully so for most women.

It's so real that it's an effort to step out of the struggle to feel seen.

And to feel truly seen and celebrated is something we all deserve. Every one of us.

To say that we are humbled by the following words doesn't even begin to cover the spectrum of emotions.

To hear words like this from your beloved clients is without question one of the greatest gifts that an artist can receive.

And we don't ever take that for granted. It hits us in all the feels. 

You see, by honoring us with these words, our client also validates our deepest and most humble mission, which is to enable women to feel truly beautiful, celebrated, empowered, & enough. 

And so - Wow, Goddess.

We're honored to share your words.  Your exquisite poem that illustrates so eloquently the struggle and the victory.

The struggle and the victory.

And on the hard days, your email and treasured poem will be among those that we re-read again and again to remind ourselves that this is why we do what we do.

To affect change. To empower. To celebrate all beauty.

The words "thank you" don't seem adequate enough.

So without further ado, we share your words in the hopes that they reach into the hearts of other women as they did ours.

In the hopes that they allow others to feel that beautiful moment of self-realization, self-love, self-worth.

We all deserve more of those moments, don't you think?


"OK, so I wanted to share this with you so you can really understand the power of your work. When I saw it, this image really struck me. It sort of took my breath away.

I was like WOW. I look so comfortable and happy in my body. How many years did I spend feeling so UNCOMFORTABLE and at war with my body? How many women live in this state everyday?  

When I saw this photo I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude for how far I have come.  

How much healing I have had to navigate . . . How my relationship with my body is so much more healthy and loving than it used to be . . . 

This image mirrored that to me and was like medicine for my soul.    

And so this came through. It's just a short poem. I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you. These images help us to see the best in ourselves."


This Body.  My Body.  

This glorious, imperfect, beautiful body.

This body that has endured demands and cruelty and careless judgments from me.  

Vicious words and lack of value.

This body that has been terrorized for never being a models' size.

This invisible, invalidated, wounded, precious body.  

This body that I finally see as a sacred part of me. 

This fountain of joy.

This feminine temple.

This soul sanctuary.

This sensuous landscape of curves and softness.  

This volcano of shakti power.  

My womb. My heart.  My blood.  My bones.  

My breasts.  My belly.  My hands.  my toes.  

This body.  My body.  

I see you now.  

Marin Bach-Antonson from Rise Up Goddess